According to the decision of the Canadian government, the Summit of the Group of Great Twenty (G20) was held in Toronto on June 26 and 27, 2010. Safety during the Summit was ensured by Integrated Security under the guidance of Royal Canadian Mounted Police in partnership with Toronto police, police of Ontario province, armed forces of Canada, and police of the Regional Municipality of Peel. Totally 20,000 policemen were involved into safeguarding at the Summit G20.

During the period from the 25th to 27th of June in Toronto, strict traffic restrictions spread on the transport highways of the region and on the next municipalities were implemented.
Everyone intending to get inside the zone, protected by the police of Toronto from the 25th of June was requested by police to show ID documents and inform about the aim of entrance to the zone.

Inhabitants living and working in the protected area have been registered for obtaining easer and faster access to the perimeter of safety.

There were certain limitations of the movement on the roads leading to the business part of the city and in the opposite direction.

Also, during and after carrying out of G20 Summit, the Schedule of work of some city programs and services were changed.

After completion of Summit G20, protection barriers were removed and everything was taken its place rather quickly without unreasonable inconveniences for inhabitants.

There are certain examples showing efficiency of safeguarding at the Summit G20. Several days prior to the Summit opening, the police of Toronto arrested 37 years old local inhabitant for illegal possession of explosives and weapon; he was supposed be dangerous for the Summit safety.

The second incident occurred directly during the Summit: several thousands of people gathered in the centre of Toronto with modest protest action opposite the building of legislative assembly. But later excited crowd started to burn cars and loot stores and banks shouting antiglobalistic slogans. The next their target became police cars. In the afternoon policemen pushed then aside the business centre of the city. Without waiting strict actions from the side of police, demonstrators scattered.     

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